Buckley Awards

EVENT: YCC’s 6th Annual Young Conservative Leadership “Buckley Awards”

DATE:  Thursday, November 19, 2015 – 6:00-8:00pm

LOCATION:  Capitol Hill Club (National Republican Club of Capitol Hill), Eisenhower Room, 300 First Street, S.E., Washington, DC 20003 (directly across street from Capitol South metro stop)

Buckley Award Winners 2014

Buckley Award Winners:

NOMINATIONS CLOSED! Buckley Award – Nomination Form 2015 (Word Doc.) (PDF)

  1. Nominees must be between the ages of 21-45, and must identify as politically-leaning conservative;
  2. Must be nominated by someone other than nominee;
  3. Must be able to accept award in Washington, DC at award ceremony on Nov 19, 2015 (6-8pm);
  4. Made a significant contribution to the conservative movement at large by either:
    1. Leading and/or organizing a significant grassroots and/or high-profile initiative;
    2. Significantly contributed to advance conservative principles, or young conservative activism (for students or young professionals);
    3. Meaningfully impacted news coverage of a high profile issue in the last year;
    4. Displayed courage under fire

EVENT OVERVIEW:  There has consistantly been 150-200 attendees.  Food and beverages will be served.  Admission is FREE for all guests and they will receive one complimentary drink coupon.  Professional photographer and “Step & Repeat” backdrop will be made available.  

HISTORY:  Every year since 2010, the Young Conservatives Coalition awards the Young Professional Conservative Leadership “Buckley Award” to a select group of five young professionals in recognition of significant achievements in advancing the conservative cause.  The award is in honor of William F. Buckley, Jr. – the intellectual godfather of the modern conservative movement, who founded National Review and wrote God & Man at Yale all before the age of 30.   

LEAD SPONSORS (The Buckleys):
* Conservative Book Club

CO-SPONSORS (The Reaganites):
* Townhall Media
* The Heritage Foundation: Young Leaders Program
* Hillsdale College – Kirby Center
* Eberle Associates
* L2
* DB Capitol Strategies PLLC
* StandUnited
* America’s Future Foundation

SUPPORTERS (The Thatchers):
* The Leadership Institute
* Radio America
* DC Young Republicans
* Access National Bank
* CampaignGrid
* First Friday
* GW Young America’s Foundation
* Reason Foundation

We thank each and every one of our sponsors for their support in ensuring a successful 6th Annual Buckley Awards and for all that they do! Please visit their sites!




  • Yuval Levin - National Affairs, Editor & Author
  • Will Weatherford - Florida House of Representatives, Speaker of the House
  • Ryan T. Anderson - The Heritage Foundation: DeVos Center for Religion & Civil Society, Fellow & Author
  • Alex Smith  - College Republican National Committee, National Chair
  • Remy Munasifi - ReasonTV, Comedian, Musician & Video Artist



  • Paul Teller – Republican Study Committee, Executive Director
  • Matt Lewis The Daily Caller, Senior Contributor
  • Peter Redpath - The Federalist Society, Vice President & Director of Student Division
  • Vinnie Vernuccio - Competitive Enterprise Institute, Legal Policy Counsel
  • Amy Frederick - 60 Plus, President


  • Hannah Giles - BigJournalism.com, Contributor
  • Kristan Hawkins - Students for Life of America, Executive Director
  • John McCormack - The Weekly Standard, Deputy Online Director
  • Phil Kerpen - Americans for Prosperity, Vice President of Policy
  • Brendan Steinhauser - FreedomWorks, Director of Federal & State Campaigns
  • Karin Agness - Network of Enlightened Women (NeW), Founder
  • John O’ Hara - Author, A New American Tea Party
  • Kellen Giuda - Parcbench Media, LLC, Founder & CEO
  • Evan Dent Flores - Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), National Field Director

NOTE: This event is closed to the media.