Buckley Award Winners’ Testimonials

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Testimonials from previous winners:

jim-geraghtyJim Geraghty – National Review, Senior Political Correspondent (2015)

The William F. Buckley Award is one of those awards I’m almost afraid to mention, because doing so puts my name in the same sentence as one of the most influential Americans of the 20th Century. Thankfully, the Young Conservatives Coalition recognized that none of us will be just like William F. Buckley, and none of us have to reach that Herculean height. We just need to find our own way to contribute something valuable, and hopefully inform, encourage, and inspire others. There are many fine awards given to famous figures at the end of a long and distinguished career, but this one fills a previously unmet need: saluting those who are – hopefully! – still in their prime, or perhaps their best is yet to come.


Paul Teller

Paul Teller - Chief of Staff, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) (2011)

“I was so honored to receive an award in the name of such a giant of the Conservative Movement and warrior for liberty.  There are many honors out there, but one in the name of William F. Buckley carries such incredible weight and is hard to beat.  If I ever stop working in politics, my Buckley Award will be one that I will forever feature in my office and will always treasure.”    




Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis - The Daily Caller, Senior Contributor (2011)

“William F. Buckley was probably the most respected and important conservative author and commentator of the 20th century. Anyone fortunate enough to receive an award bearing his name should consider it an absolute honor. May a new generation of Buckley’s heirs be half as eloquent and effective as they stand athwart history.”    




Heather Pfitzenmaier - Director of Chapter Programs, America’s Future Foundation (2012)

“It was an honor to be selected as a Buckley Award Winner by the Young Conservative’s Coalition, to be recognized for my work advancing conservative principles.  Not only am I in great company with the fellow awardees, but by all the individuals involved with YCC.  I am particularly honored with the Buckley Award since it is granted by my peers, and having that acknowledgement from them is very humbling.”    



Peter Redpath

Peter Redpath - The Federalist Society, Vice President & Director of Student Division (2011)

“To be recognized by the YCC with a Buckley Award was a great honor and receiving the award has meant a great deal to me. I have felt a renewed sense of pride in the work that I do advancing conservative principles. YCC’s recognition has led to my own professional development of new contacts, working together to advance the cause. Conservative leaders want to collaborate with other movement people and when they hear that you’re a recipient of YCC’s Buckley Award, it gives them a higher level of confidence. I’m very proud to have been a recipient.”    


Alexandra SmithAlexandra Smith - College Republican National Committee, National Chairman (2013)

“A few years ago, I was a newcomer to D.C. More than anyone else, Chris Malagisi and the Young Conservatives Coalition made me and countless other students feel welcome and provided ways for us to get involved early. It was for this reason that I was so honored to receive a Buckley Award last year and will continue to support this invaluable resource for young conservative activists.”     



Will Weatherford

Will Weatherford - Florida House of Representatives, Speaker of the House (2013)

“William F. Buckley was a giant in the conservative movement, which is why I was honored to receive such a distinguished award bearing his name from the YCC.  As conservatives, we must continue to recognize the contributions of those who advance our cause of personal freedom and limited government, whether it’s in Washington, DC, or across America.  This is an honor I will treasure for a lifetime.”                                 


Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams – The Claremont Institute, Chief Operating Officer

As I write this, my YCC William F. Buckley, Jr. Award hangs on my office wall just to the left of my desk. It’s a constant and useful reminder of the man in whose honor it was established, and especially his cheerful spiritedness in defense of decency, liberty, and America—rightly understood. It was a great honor to have received the award, and to have joined the ranks of my esteemed fellow honorees, past and present. May it be to all of us a spur to continue our work in defense of this great country.


Vincent Vernuccio

F. Vincent Vernuccio, JD - The Mackinac Center, Director of Labor Policy (2011)

“It was a great honor to be named with the other outstanding Buckley award winners. Besides the wonderful evening and award ceremony, one of the great benefits is keeping in contact with the others in my ‘Buckley Awards class’. Since YCC put us together we have been able to work together and help each other over the years.  YCC is a fantastic organization bringing together the up and coming leaders of the Conservative Movement.”    



Amy Frederick

Amy Frederick - 60 Plus, President (2011)

“The Buckley award has helped spotlight my work at 60 Plus and enlighten many to the existence of a true conservative organization that speaks for the values and beliefs of America’s 40 million elderly.   With increased invitations to speak at political seminars and forums, as well as a distinct rise in the number of media inquiries I’ve received at 60 Plus since receiving the honor, I firmly believe the Buckley Award has been integral to a higher awareness of my and our organization’s mission. It is an award I list prominently and proudly on my list of professional credentials.”  






  • Yuval Levin - National Affairs, Editor & Author
  • Will Weatherford - Florida House of Representatives, Speaker of the House
  • Ryan T. Anderson - The Heritage Foundation: DeVos Center for Religion & Civil Society, Fellow & Author
  • Alex Smith  - College Republican National Committee, National Chair
  • Remy Munasifi - ReasonTV, Comedian, Musician & Video Artist



  • Paul Teller – Republican Study Committee, Executive Director
  • Matt Lewis The Daily Caller, Senior Contributor
  • Peter Redpath - The Federalist Society, Vice President & Director of Student Division
  • Vinnie Vernuccio - Competitive Enterprise Institute, Legal Policy Counsel
  • Amy Frederick - 60 Plus, President


  • Hannah Giles - BigJournalism.com, Contributor
  • Kristan Hawkins - Students for Life of America, Executive Director
  • John McCormack - The Weekly Standard, Deputy Online Director
  • Phil Kerpen - Americans for Prosperity, Vice President of Policy
  • Brendan Steinhauser - FreedomWorks, Director of Federal & State Campaigns
  • Karin Agness - Network of Enlightened Women (NeW), Founder
  • John O’ Hara - Author, A New American Tea Party
  • Kellen Giuda - Parcbench Media, LLC, Founder & CEO
  • Evan Dent Flores - Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), National Field Director